Call for Applicants - WAC Community Representatives (October 2020)

Announced by Lauren Clement on

The WCA Advisory Council (WAC) is seeking new members to assist the council.

The application is open to all WCA members.

What is the WAC and what do they do?

The biggest task of the WAC is to be an intermediary between the community and the WCA Staff - to give the community a voice when important topics are being discussed. The Community Representatives are a vital part of that process. More information about the main functions of the WAC can be found here: WCA Motion 20.2019.01

The council has 2 sub-teams - Community Representatives and WCA Representatives. This announcement is for Community Representatives, who make up the majority of the council and are not members of WCA Staff, meaning that anyone except WCA Staff can apply. If you have never held a formal position in the WCA before, this an exciting opportunity to contribute towards making the WCA even better!

Current key projects of the council involve moderation and management of the forum and developing channels to gather community feedback useful for the WCA.